Sexualroleplayhas always been there as long as people have been able to imagine. Most of these sexual role-play scenarios are based on encounters and fantasies that feature personalities that are fictional and erotic storylines.  As an escort, this can be really fun if the client is excited about a particular role-play scenario.  Unfortunately, most of the clients you may encounter may have a limited number of ideas as much as they enjoy and would want to include role play when you are together.

Most of the clients tend to request traditional fantasies such as teacher/student, cheerleader/athlete, homeowner/made, patient/nurse, boss/secretary, and doctor/nurse. Although these sexual role play scenarios may be fun, you may get tired of them quickly.  With Escort 92, there are numerous steamy role play ideas that can be fulfilled by their escorts. Some of these role-play ideas include the following.

  1. Adventure theme

This sexual role play scenario can be very exciting. You can decide to go with Jane and Tarzan. Since as an escort you will be acting as Jane while the client acts as Tarzan, you will allow your client to moon over and ravage your beauty. In the beginning, you will have to act like you are scared of Tarzan but the passion that arises between you will help you overcome your fear and you will allow Tarzan to drive you crazy.

  1. Repair guy and housewife

Every time a repair guy goes to repair some things in the house, you will realize that housewives tend to be always horny and hot. Roleplay with a client involving a cable guy, carpenter, plumber, pool boy or an electrician can be very exciting especially when matched with a sexy housewife. Slight physical touches and contacts with a lot of flirting always accompany this role play. Most of these role plays are based on temptation and resistance on the repair guy but he eventually gives in.

  1. Hitchhikers

Although hitchhikers tend to have a bad reputation, there is a powerful connection between bad boys and women hence this role play can be very fulfilling to both the client and an escort. In most movies, hitchhikers are depicted as psycho killers or horny strangers. As an escort, you can pretend to be an innocent hitchhiker who will get seduced by a driver who will be your client and then he will pick you up and you may offer to pay your ride via sexual favors.

  1. Uniform characters

Any role play that involves either the client or the escort wearing a uniform can be exciting. The client can decide to play the fireman role who will then opt for repayment via sexual favors can be extremely fulfilling. It could also be a policeman asking a person who was speeding to pay for their fines via oral sex or any other sexual activities or it could be a prison guard being seduced by an inmate who happens to be very sexy.

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