Great Offers On Travel Insurance For Those Over 80s

If you are over 80, and contemplating on touring abroad, but worried about getting the right travel insurance coverage, there is no need to worry, as, there are travel insurance agents offering travel insurance for persons over 80 with flexible plans at a low cost. Although it is difficult to find suitable travel insurance for senior citizens, travel companies like Avanti are offering flexible and customized plans, so that aged persons can embark on a tour abroad, without having to worry about coverage on expenses due to medical reasons or for any reason that are unforeseen.

Tailor made plans for travel insurance for persons over 80 are available that provide extra benefits at a cost which is slightly more. While it may be difficult to obtain an over 80s travel insurance for aged persons, because of the vulnerability to illness, there are companies offering coverage to those above 80, with pre-existing illness. Coverage is offered for 45 days for a single trip for those aged above 76, and for multiple annual trips, the offer is for any number of trips during the year, with no single trip being over 31 days, or 45 days, depending upon the plan you choose. Coverage includes:

  •        Emergency medical expenses
  •        Cancellation or shortening of tour
  •        Repatriation to home country
  •        Airspace closure or disruption in journey
  •        Medical aids
  •        Supplier failure from the end

Over and above, you get expenses on care at home after hospitalization, personal liability, personal accident, delayed/missed departure, money and documents, and options for winter sports, and legal expenses. Avanti Travel Insurance is such a company, which offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions that include cardiac problems, high cholesterol, cancer, and a host of other body conditions. Other medical conditions that are included in the list for over 80s travel insurance coverage as pre-existing diseases include:


Mental Health Conditions

Heart Conditions


Cerebral Conditions

Circulatory Conditions


Breathing Conditions

Central Nervous System Disorders

Joint Conditions

Liver Conditions

Kidney Conditions


Bowel Conditions

Other offers include insurance coverage for those travelling as careers or companions, in which case, coverage extends to them as they are applicable to persons over 80. It is important that you search online for offers on travel insurance for persons over 80, and compare the benefits in order to get the best options. Advice will be given by these insurers on taking precautions while travelling. It is also advised that while declaring pre-existing medical conditions, you should not hide any facts in order to lower the premium costs, as this might lead to greater loss, if found later and all subsequent coverage can get nullified.

Undergoing a medical screening can be beneficial to aged persons, in which case, travel insurance policy can be received instantly. For any assistance, support staffs are there to help you take the right decision. Having the right coverage, you can now travel without any panic, and travel, free of tension. Tailor made policies are available in the market even if you are over 80, at a cost that is not alarming.

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