Make the Most Out of Your First Yacht Charter with Meticulous Planning

There are a number of ways you can have fun with your family and friends on a special occasion or when you are away on a holiday. Yacht charters ticks all the boxes of family fun, quality time with family and relaxation and ideal for friends too. Family vacations are generally far from relaxing for parents since they’ll always be running around and fussing about food.

A blissful time in the sea:

Chartering a private yacht treats you to an unforgettable family time together. Depending on the yacht you select, you’ll have an excellent chef to customize your meals, an enthusiastic crew who keeps you engaged with activities and you’ll actually get to finally relax. Being an island country, Australia offers a plethora of choice when it comes to ocean entertainment.

Experience the thrill of sailing with Champagne Sailing Sydney. They are one of the best yacht charter companies in Australia offering a variety of charter options. Enjoy excellent service with a friendly crew at your disposal. Be it a family outing, bachelor party, birthday celebration or a fun weekend with friends, their yachts are perfect and comfortable.

Things to know before booking your first boat holiday:

Any sort of celebration/ holiday requires planning. There are some important aspects pertaining to boat trips which you should be aware of so that you have a great time onboard.

The choice of crew: When it comes to crewed charters, the selection of crew plays an important role than even the interiors of the boat. Look for a friendly and experienced crew who is easy to work with.

Communicate your preferences: Let the crew know what you are looking for and inform them about food allergies if any. Some would want to anchor during the night and cook while some would want to go sightseeing. Some may want a detailed planning itinerary ahead while some are okay with spontaneous decisions.

Find the right yacht: Decide on the budget and choose a boat based on weather, comfort and sailing skills (if you aren’t hiring a skipper). Catamarans have spacious deck and interiors and are easy to navigate and maneuver. Go for yachts if have a crew to take care of the sailing and you want something sophisticated. Avoid choosing only based on the exterior.

During your yacht journey:

  • Befriend the captain: Captains are knowledgeable and provide valuable suggestions. If you are facing an issue with a crew member, bring it to the attention of the caption rather than trying to handle it yourself.
  • Exercise caution: Being on the water poses different kinds of risks. Adhere to all the safety regulations and avoid breaking any rules.
  • Follow yacht etiquette: Yachts have ‘barefoot’ rule since their decks are fragile. Avoid wearing high heels in the yacht. Ask the captain if you are not sure in which areas of the vessel shoes are allowed.
  • Babysitting is your responsibility: Though most crew members would love to engage your kids, it’s not part of their duty. If you are travelling with a toddler, you can’t expect the crew to look after them.

Holidays are a time to enjoy. Avoid stressing about each and everything. Just sit back and relax.

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