A Complete Guide to Visit Memphis – To Make Your Trip Successful

Everyone from older people to kids can find something in Memphis to enjoy such as delicious food, live shows and rock legends recordings music lovers, zoo and Museum’s for families, biking trials, buffalo, and more.

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Here is a complete guide to Memphis that helps you make your trip adventurous and successful.

Plan a trip

When to visit – You can visit in any season but the time is from April to May. You can enjoy various funny events and festivals in sunny and moderate climate.

Tip to travel – Memphis has several attractive places to visit. You can take a bike on rent to explore Shelby Farms Park, Midtown, and Downtown. There are several restaurants in Downtown that are always ready to serve tasty food from ethnic to local varieties at reasonable price.

Things you can do in Memphis

Music – A tour to the beautiful city Memphis is incomplete without live music performances and the city is popular for rock ‘n’ roll and blues music.  By visiting Lafayette’s Music Room and Beale Street in midtown, you can enjoy the live music performances. Also, you can visit popular singer Elvis home and Sun studio, here you can listen his never released songs.

downtown memphis restaurants

MuseumsThe Civil Rights Museum in Lorraine Motel tells a lot about present and past stories including King Martin Luther assassination, civil right struggle and its heroes, and much more. Plus, visit Mississippi River Museum duplicate of river. You can go for a walk beside and know how it flows and ebbs.

Atypical animals – Memphis Zoo is the one in 4 zoos of United States, where you can see Pandas. You can also see buffalo herd by visiting Shelby Farms Park that is only one in the whole country.

Drinks, food, and fun activities

Memphis is famous for barbecue food. If you want to eat Memphis-style local meat, then you must visit oldest joint Rendezvous. In Memphis, you can find a wide variety of tasty food items such as pizzas, burgers, tacos, and more for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Moreover, the city is becoming popular for beers. You can find craft breweries that make different flavor beers from sours to IPAs. They will have tap rooms you can fill your glass with your favorite beer and enjoy it with your favorite food and music. Also, there are sprawling bars in the city that offer fun activities like sand pits, concert stages, absinthe dens, etc.

There are various tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and attractive sights in downtown. You can stay in a hotel to enjoy the beautiful places in Memphis. You can save your money by visiting free concerts, parks, etc during summer.

Gather information and plan your trip today to Memphis. Memphis always welcomes tourists whole-heartedly, so enjoy the beautiful places and delicious food as well as drinks in the restaurants.

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