List of Undesirable and Fatal Complications Caused by Heroin Usage

There is an exponential increase in the rise of deaths due to overdose of drugs like heroin and opioid pain relievers. Heroin is an illegal and addictive drug processed from opiate. Pure heroin powder which is predominantly sold in the eastern United States is white with a bitter taste while black tar heroin is sticky and found predominantly in the western regions.

Why rehabilitation is crucial?

A new user usually smokes or snorts heroin rather than injecting it. Heroin is found to affect the central nervous system and causes undesirable short-term and long-term effects. The risk of overdose is high with heroin. The drug is handled by a number of suppliers who could mix it with other ingredients and the actual potency and dosage of the drug remains unknown.

This causes accidental overdose deaths. The addiction could cause a toll in the person’s life and medical intervention is important. If you are looking for rehabilitation centers visit ‘’. It is a rehab directory and lists out detailed information regarding all rehabilitation centers available in the US. Contact treatment specialists if you have queries.

How does heroin impact a person?

After a person takes heroin, it converts to morphine and binds with to opioid receptors of the brain thus causing addiction and more chances of chronic relapsing following a treatment.

Short-term effects:

The short-term effects include feeling of euphoria, dry mouth, a warm flushing of the skin and heaviness in the arms and legs. The breathing rate slows done and sometimes steeps so low that it could cause respiratory failure. The user experiences an alternate state of wakefulness and drowsiness. It suppresses the central nervous system and clouds mental function.

Long-term effects:

  • The heart lining and valves could get infected when a person doesn’t use sterile equipment
  • Among the new Hepatitis C infections identified every year, at least 70% of them are a result of sharing snorting straws and injection drug use.
  • Brain’s white matter could deteriorate which in turn interferes with a person’s ability to make decisions, respond appropriately to challenging situations and regulate behavior.
  • Kidney disease
  • The user develops tolerance to the drug and he/she will need more drug to feel the effects
  • Dependence arises causing people to use heroin when they experience withdrawal symptoms
  • Pulmonary complications
  • Skin infections and abscesses

What happens when a pregnant woman uses heroin?

Heroin has adverse effects on pregnant women. There is a risk of low birth weight and spontaneous miscarriage. There are chances of the babies experiencing neonatal abstinence syndrome.

What if a person has heroin and alcohol addiction?

People who overdose are more likely to be users of more than 1 substance. Statistics reveal that the overdose patients were usually under the influence of 2.7 drugs. Alcohol coupled with heroin is even more fatal since both are notorious of suppressing a person’s breathing rate. The lack of oxygen could cause permanent brain damage or even lead to coma.

Heroin dependence is life-threatening. If you suspect a loved one of heroin dependence, seek medical help right away. Prompt help is the need of the hour.

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