Basics of Defensive Driving to Keep You Safe on The Road

Staying safe on roads is quite imperative making it possible only with defensive driving? Get covered with a reliable insurance policy while hitting the road with your car as uneventful happenings can happen at any time. Operating and controlling your car properly saves you from a lot of problems.

Practicing safe driving is taught by all driving schools. Contact PassFirstGo to take Woden driving lessons and learn accurate driving techniques and defensive driving tips. Their experts are known for giving the right practical training to their students.

Some of the basics to be kept in mind about defensive driving are listed as under:

Staying prepared for all situations

It is necessary to stay active and ready for taking preventive actions to prevent one from the collision. By staying alert, keeping both hands on the steering wheel, and sitting straight without couching, you can keep yourself prepared on the road. When seeing any hazard, slowing the vehicle, and safely changing lanes help a lot.

Keeping all focus on the road

Staying focused is essential and by following some of these instructions, you can drive safely on the road:

  • Keeping all cell phones and electronic gadgets out of your sight.
  • If feeling tired, pull over and rest for some time.
  • Daydreaming is strictly prohibited while driving
  • Paying attention to the road without giving much attention inside the car.
  • Smoking or drinking is not good while driving.
  • Do not yourself get distracted by anything on the road. It does not fall in the category of defensive driving.

Predicting risk for avoiding it

Keeping yourself aware of the surroundings and road, you can avoid risks by predicting them. By not taking any action, you can keep yourself safe as taking actions lead to hazardous events on the roads.

Wearing a seat belt

Wearing seat belts help one in surviving accidents if any occur on the roads. Seat belts help in decreasing head trauma and passenger ejection thereby saving lives. Keep the seat belt straps across the chest and the chains snuggling around the hips and upper thighs? Wearing a seat belt is imperative and taught in driving schools all the time.

Do not think that other drivers will be similar good drivers

Controlling your car is a technique to master to become a good driver. However, do not think that all drivers will follow rules on the road. If you find a driver driving slow in the traffic lane, do not try to overtake him or tailgate him to make him move faster.

Driving on another driver’s blind spot is not right

Never try driving in the blind spot of another driver as they might be tired or distracted and not check the blind spot before changing lanes. This can lead to hazardous accidents on the roads.


These are some of the points to be kept in mind. Defensive driving classes are available online for students to learn it on their own. Defensive driving is useful for safe driving.

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